Multiple shipping partners

Choose the best shipping company from the list of multiple shipping companies that are integrated into our platform. Go with the most trusted shipping companies and set up automated integration in no time.

Discounted Shipping

There is no upfront cost to set up your shipping account with any of our partner shipping providers. Set up your shipping account and take advantage of discounted shipping rates on all your orders.

Compare prices and choose

Optimize shipping costs by comparing delivery charges of e-commerce partners in the field of shipping services and choosing the least expensive one. Save shipping costs by choosing the most suitable shipping partners for each order.

Scheduling the receipt of shipments

Make your deliveries flexible and faster by scheduling pickup with multiple carriers. Choose your preferred order pickup time by scheduling orders pickup with your chosen shipping partner.

Track your shipments

Track the stages of your shipments by linking with shipping partners where you can specify an accurate date for receiving the shipment.