More than one store for the same merchant

Each merchant can create more than one store and each store has its own settings such as activity, branches, products, payment methods, shipping companies and so on.

More than one branch for each store

More than one branch (location) can be established for each store and these branches are used to deliver products, whether to customers or to shipping companies, according to the location closest to the customer.

More than one user per store

It is possible to define more than one employee (user) for each branch, the number of users is determined according to the package, and the system administrator can determine the usage permissions for each user.

Flexible settings for order numbering

The method for numbering orders varies from store to store. The system provides a flexible method for numbering requests in terms of the beginning and end codes of the number, as well as the number of digits of the number, as well as the beginning of the numbering.

A special domain for each store

The system creates a sub-domain for each store, and the system administrator can change the sub-domain or create a special domain and link it with the sub-domain.

Shipping Delivery Options

The system provides many methods of delivery and shipping where it is possible to receive products from the branch or ship the products to the customer through the store or through the store’s shipping companies.

Payment methods

The system allows many payment methods such as cash on delivery or payment using credit cards or bank transfers and other methods as chosen by the system administrator.


The system supports Arabic and English languages ​​in the store management system as well as in the online store and mobile applications. The system also supports many other languages ​​according to the needs of each store.