Who We Are

Many store owners, especially small and medium ones, find challenges in setting up their online stores due to the lack of financial and technical capabilities.

Markatty is an e-commerce system that enables you to set up your online store easily and without any technical experience.

Online store

Create your online store easily in just a few steps.

Shipping companies

Markatty provides many shipping companies with different segments to meet the needs of all store customers.

Distinctive designs

Choose a design for your store from many distinctive designs that suit your business.

Secure payment

Markatty offers many secure electronic payment methods with the ability to issue an electronic invoice.


Provide awesome merchant services.

  • Creating your online store easily

    Ease of setting up an online store, speed and quality of customer service, and flexibility of subscription packages are the cornerstones of Markatty.

  • Product evaluation and service quality

    Sharing reviews about the products customers buy leads to two additional benefits for your store: - Buyers gain confidence in your store based on the number of positive reviews. - It can help you identify the most acceptable elements to your customers and thus you can focus on them to increase your revenue.

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Technical support around the clock by a specialized team available in more than one support channel.


Everything about the e-commerce world in one place.

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses. We help our clients succeed by creating online store.

Make your e-commerce stand out.
Make your e-commerce stand out.
The key to our success is what makes us different.
The key to our success is what makes us different.
Our process works seamlessly for great online stores
Our process works seamlessly for great online stores